Englisches Theater

The White Horse Theatre 2017

WHITE HORSE THEATRE was founded in 1978 in Somerset, South-West England. They perform in schools and theatres. In 1980 White Horse Theatre was invited to tour Germany for the first time.

The Theatre has grown to become Europe’s largest professional touring theatre, employing more than fifty people and performing to over 350.000 people per year. The actors come from all over England, for example from London.
For our school they were very special guests because they wanted to show us that theatre can also be in English; and what we saw? The best English theatre!
This year we saw SILVER JANE - a really good performance and it was very funny.
Silver Jane is a girl with silver hair. She knows everything; maths, German, science, geography... At school she meets a really sweet boy, but her parents don’t want him to be her boyfriend. She lives at a woodcutter’s and his wife’s. But she doesn’t know who her real parents are. In the end she finds out that she is a super hero and she has to save the universe!
This was a really exciting adventure with Silver Jane and her friend.

Tali Botmann, 6b