The White Horse Theatre at the HGT (8th May 2019)

Fremdsprachen, Englisch

The play’s name is “The Green Knight” and the main characters are the knight Sir Gawain, another knight who is dressed in green and King Arthur. 

One day there is a knock at the door of King Arthur’s castle and a green knight comes in. He has a challenge for Sir Gawain. He has to cut off the green knight’s head and if he survives, he wants to meet him again one year later, because he wants to have the chance of revenge. So Sir Gawain cuts off his head, but the green knight does not die.

After a year, Sir Gawain searches the green knight and fights many enemies. One day, he meets Lord Bertilak and stays in his castle for three days. His wife tries to seduce Gawain every day, but he does not give in. On the last day, Sir Gawain leaves Lord Bertilak and his wife and sets off to meet the green knight. He hits Sir Gawain’s head with his axe three times in a row, but nothing happens. 

In the end, it turns out that the green knight has organized everything to test Sir Gawain’s virtue and he did not die, because he fought bravely and did not give in to the seductions of Lord Bertilak’s wife, who actually is the good witch Morgan Le Fay.

I liked the play as well as my classmates, because it was very funny, nice and exciting. I would recommend it to everyone who likes theatre.

(Sophie Graf, 6b)